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Two fluids. More ways to stop.

SRAM MTB brakes now cover a wider spectrum for more riders than ever.

Collections built on scientific proof.

We conducted an exhaustive scientific study with the first-ever comparison of DOT fluid to mineral oil, where the only variable in the brake system was the type of fluid used. The results were clear: DOT fluid provides the highest possible performance, mineral oil provides the lowest possible maintenance.

It's all about the seals.

The science is clear: it’s not about fluid boiling, it’s about seal limitations. Where the type of seals required for a mineral oil brake can’t take excessive heat fluctuations, the seal material used in DOT fluid brakes expands and contracts with greater temperature changes. Which is why DOT fluid is used in all high-demand applications, from automotive to aerospace.

The DOT collection.

It’s the light weight, high performance of Level. It’s the incredible capability of G2. It’s the high performance, full-power of CODE. Each using the ubiquitous trusted standard of DOT 5.1 for consistent viscosity and worry-free performance in hard braking conditions.


The mineral oil collection.

Introducing the low-maintenance, super-powerful 4-piston, “set-it-and-forget-it” DB8. Since mineral oil doesn’t absorb moisture over extended periods of time, DB8 is the easiest brake to maintain, ever.



Smarter pivot location.

By locating the pivot closer to the bar, our lever blade arc matches the natural path of your finger pull, for better feel across the entire stroke. More power. Less fatigue.

Optimal lever shape.

Short and perfectly contoured, our lever’s profile and end hook are designed for maximum finger stability and control throughout the pull.

Ambidextrous Levers.

All our levers work on either side of the cockpit — so the choice is yours to go “moto” or keep things conventional. Your setup. Your call.

Contact point adjust.

A simple contact point adjustment system – totally decoupled from the reach adjust mechanism. Whether it’s the on/off feel of a short throw, or the increased modulation of a low throw. Choose when to engage.

Swinglink technology.

On Code and G2, we created a custom-designed cam shape inside the brake lever to help reduce “deadband” while increasing progressive power throughout the lever pull.

Purpose Built Bleed Kits.

Matching our high-performance DOT collection, the Pro Bleed Kit utilizes our ultra-simple and highly innovative Bleeding Edge interface, ensuring proper syringe engagement and reducing contamination, fluid loss and wasted time. For riders who prefer the ease of maintenance of our mineral oil brakes, the Mineral Bleed Kit has green seals – color matched with Maxima mineral oil and its own thread-pitch ensuring it can only be used on mineral oil brakes.

Ride your way.

The science is clear. There’s no higher performing brake than a DOT fluid brake. Just as there’s no fluid more friendly for those who want to “set it and forget it” than mineral oil. We offer both. So you can ride your way.

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