The bicycle bike is the perfect tool for commuters, fitness advocates, or those who just want to explore the city. With so many types of bikes to choose from, choosing a suitable one can be confusing.

If you're wondering “which type of bike should I buy?”, then read on, as we guide you through the types available today so you can choose the most suitable one.

Youth Bikes

The first thing to keep in mind is that children’s needs vary wildly depending on their age and ability.

Balance bikes are for the preschoolers. By the time they progress to 16-inch wheels, they’ll (hopefully) be pedaling away without stabilizers before very long.

Move up a notch to 20-inch wheels, and gears start to make an appearance, then by the time they’re nine and riding 24-inch wheels they’ll basically be riding smaller versions of adult bikes – disc brakes, suspension and all.

Approximate height Recommended Bike Wheels
~  90–110 cm  12" wheel size youth bikes
~ 105–125 cm 16" wheel size youth bikes
~ 120–140 cm 20" wheel size youth bikes
~ 130–150 cm 24" wheel size youth bikes
~140–160 cm 26" wheel size youth bikes

Adults Bike

The title can be misleading but adult bikes options are for riders approximately 145cm and above. Do consult the sizing chart available in each product listing or visit our stores before making a decision.

The first step to pick a suitable bike is to identify the type of surface you are going to ride on. A bike designed for rocky terrain can be used on smooth roads but it does not work the other way round. However, a bike designed for rocky terrain will be slower on the road compared to a bike designed specifically for usage on the roads. Alternatively, the gravel segment is an increasingly popular category as it is a hybrid between road and mountain bikes.

 Riding Surface Bike Type
Road and Pavement Road Bikes, Triathlon
Dirt Trails, Rocky Terrain Mountain Bikes
Paved with Loose Gravel Cross and Gravel Bikes

Road Bikes

Road bikes are ideal for fitness riding, commuting, event rides, touring, and racing. Road bikes can be equipped with drop bars or flat bars. Drop bars are mostly found on performance road bikes as it puts the rider in a more forward and aerodynamic position. The bent-forward riding posture requires some getting used to and may not be suitable for a new cyclist. On the other hand, road bikes equipped with flat bars are more upright for new cyclists or riders who want a more comfortable riding posture. The next step is to determine your riding style - Performance & Racing or Fitness & Recreation.

Performance & Racing Bikes

Characteristics  Models Recommended 
Lightweight Giant TCR & Liv Langma series, where it is able to achieve a lively ride quality and explosive acceleration.
Aerodynamic Giant Propel & Liv Enviliv series, where it produce the best overall aero performance that you need.
Comfort & Compliance
Are you looking for an aluminum or carbon frame?
  • Aluminum; Giant Contend series, it's the perfect workhorse for beginners and those who commute by bike.
  • Carbon; Giant Defy & Liv Avail series, it delivers a smoother ride quality and will be less fatiguing on long rides.

Characteristic chart for performance bikes.

Fitness & Recreation Bikes

Oh wait, there’s another sub-category? Well, we decided to split flat bar road bikes into 2 further sub-categories: (1) Fitness and (2) Recreation. A recreation bike will be even more comfortable than a fitness bike and drop bar road bike. These 2 sub-categories are the most popular amongst new riders.

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Triathlon Bikes

Triathlon bikes (tri bikes) are made specifically for triathlon racing where the bike leg can be anywhere from 19 km to 190km. Tri bikes often have a steeper seat tube angle, pushing the hips forward on the ride and saving the hamstrings for the run.

Tri bikes are made specifically with aerodynamics in mind. The goal is to maximize efficiency and preserve your legs for the run. A key consideration factor to consider is the distance. Are you looking to conquer the Olympic or Half/Full Ironman distance?

Shop triathlon bikes (Olympic) for Giant Propel or EnviLiv
Shop triathlon bikes (Half/Full Ironman) for Cadex Tri, Giant Trinity, Liv Avow

Mountain Bikes

Designed with either a single front suspension or front & rear suspensions (full suspension), mountain bikes are able to tackle rutty, rooty and rocky terrain. Front suspension-only bikes (hardtails) are often used for beginner level mountain biking, commuting, dirt jumping and cross-country racing. Entry-level mountain bikes are a popular alternative to fitness & recreation road bikes thanks to the extra stability and comfort provided by the wider tires and front suspension.

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Front Suspension Bikes (Hardtails)

Giant XTC Advanced 1

Liv Tempt 1


Giant Fathom 29 2

What kind of riding are you looking forward to?

  • If you prefer fast and light bikes and also with cross country racing geometry, we recommend Giant XTC series for you, as it is light, efficient and flat-out fast, something that you need to smash Strava lap times.
  • For beginner riders who want to take their off-road skills to the next level, Giant Talon series is prefect for the male while Liv Tempt series for the female as they are perfect for well-rounded, simple and fun ride.
  • For riders who want their hardtails more akin like a full suspension bike and to have more fun on the descends, the Giant Fathom series is a good choice attributed to it's long, low and slack geometry.

Full Suspension Bikes

Giant Anthem Advanced Pro

Liv Intrigue

Travel refers to the amount of distance the suspension will move before it is fully compressed. Full suspension bikes with different travel lengths result in a varying riding experience. Different travel lengths are suited for different riding styles and riding terrain.

  • Giant Anthem series for male and Liv Pique series for female bikes has a 100-120mm travel where you can experience a fast and light bike, with cross country racing geometry.
  • Giant Stance series for male bikes and Liv Intrigue series for female bikes has a 130-150mm travel where they are great choices for you to consider to if you are seeking for a well-rounded trail bike.
  • Giant Trance X series bike has a 135-160mm Travel where these trail bike designed to be efficient on the climbs at the same time planted, nimble and fun.
  • Giant Reign series bike has a 146-160mm Travel which can assist you to crank up tough climbs and have the confidence to fly on fast, technical descents. 

Cross and Gravel Bikes

The most adventurous rides often veer into the unknown — from the road to the dirt and back again. Whether you’re blasting through mud in a cyclocross race, going long on a gravel road expedition, or tackling rough roads on your daily commute.

Two types of handle bar are usually found on these category of bikes "flat bar" and "drop bar" for you to choose from.

 Types of Handlebar Models Recommended
No preference Cross & Gravel, where it is designed to let you ride over many different surfaces.
Flat Bar Giant Roam series, it is able to crank up steep climb with smooth efficiency.
Drop Bar

Giant Revolt and Liv Devote series, where you can travel fast on loose rough gravel.